Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Naughty.com If You Knew Your 18 Year Old Daughter Was Using A Internet Site To Find Men Called Be Naughty.com And She?

If you knew your 18 year old daughter was using a internet site to find men called Be Naughty.com and she? - naughty.com

met some of them behind their backs. Would a parent. If you've talked about it and ignored it and used his computer will ban the Internet at home?


Taylor's Mama said...

Yes, I would. What do we decide when you are on your own is your own business ... but it is not shit in my house.

light said...

I am a teenager, when he did what he did, and the prohibition on the computer, I would like a library or a friend struggling computer.Thinks it.at least go if you can not use the computer to check ur in the parent check system to see what and where to speak and to redouble their efforts internet.Try again, because sometimes when my father told me two things I do not want to listen to and hear normally not worry about it.I what they say and my thought.Cause, except that they deal never found a way to try or I it.she stubborn about it and show it is now an adult and can fend for themselves.
Trust me, and I hope that helps

calypso3 said...

I want to talk and explain the dangers, they must already know, and please do not satisfied by the achievement of these men be.
Then I take the computer completely out of the house. I would do behind your back if the team stays there. sometimes we have to give up some things for our children, and is one of them.
So he has no way of contacting them at home. While she could not find anywhere else, but hopepfully wherever he goes, no one say the same thing, how dangerous it is, in reality.
it would not be able to in these pages in the Library received, they must be prohibited in the rule.

Freebird said...

I am not a father - I am 17 years and 18 years in November - but I know my worries if I someone I met online dating. My stepmother was horrified when I said I was IM'ing with an older man, and I have no intention of even meeting with him.

If the ban on the Internet at home, only used elsewhere. Trust me on this matter. Rather than get angry or do it perceives as a punishment, speak, and present your concerns. Failure to report or a sponsor - who is boring and ineffective - but only to say that you care about her and wants only if it is safe and cautious. I just checked the website. The name does not appear worse than it probably is. Sassier looks like a younger version of Match.com

Many PPL day online. I know a few of the church to know the online learning and now they are married. It has to be very smart and know that people in public space always needs. I tell you with the photos online to be careful.

Good luck.

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