Monday, November 16, 2009

Airsoft Gold How To Make An AK-47 Airsoft Gun Gold?

How to make an AK-47 airsoft gun gold? - airsoft gold

I wondered, as I gun my gold AK-47 airsoft and make it able to paint brightly


Bubba said...

Hey thats what I did! Go to Wal-Mart and you get painted gold. I do not remember what brand, but theres only a few anyway. 1 box
For the best paint, do the following:
Start with the disposal of stockpiles by simply loosening the 3 screws and pull the plug. Remove the pistol grip, the screws on the bottom and must come immediately. Not like an M4, you need to mess with the engine to a pistol grip are made of.
I saw it was very difficult and only simpler if you just save the front so that you do not do it, instead of finding ways to remove paint, to the weapon. At this point, you will not have to worry with gold paint in stock, hand guard and pistol grip. (unless you want all the gold, but I recommend you keep the wood parts of RIS normal color.

Start by taking the powder or metal top cover, press the button and the metal object above all goes well, and painting separatetly.

Optional release: and remove the trigger and paint separately. Points tHings is too easy to paint easier, better and more enjoyable.

I held my waffle like black, but the gold standard in painted metal. Make sure that you do not paint the inside.

Tip: If you had to paint the gun held to a friend or brother painted Wile, CUS is easier than 80%, and try to avoid, painting the inner mount of the gun.

When the top cover powder, placed in the weapon, and then you can start painting the rest of the weapon. I started with the front barrel. (As for the outter barrel iron entrance themes)

Try some of the weapon at a time and allow to dry before it, at least as possible, MUC
Tip: Do you get 8 to 12 inches of the gun to a uniform layer of Nice. You can always put more into the weapon, but if you ugly balloons with almost, it is very difficult to repair,

Then paint the rest of the body, the general increase in tension lever, selector swittch and bottom of the barrel and trigger. Try not to paint, tooMagwel inside, because they do not want the weapons, and not when a magazine at all times.
Tip: Make sure you move the lever so that the rifle all that you do not have a big black wheere get the switch point, when he painted.
Then perhaps a thin layer of the ultimate weapon laid back and everything is still beautiful.

Finally, once dry, gather the people, hand guards and pistol grip, and if you have a decent job, it will be very happy.

WARNING: If you use an AK-47 gold in a game of airsoft forests like lol with an orange tips from AK. (Do not mix too well) all issues

Steezy said...

Ok, a mine or a friend, "said a long *** time ago. It takes a bit of gold spray paint, strip out the parts that do not want to paint. Since the parties start, spray paint, to each side directions, to give time to dry. Remember do not spray too close to the weapon. This creates a neglected when the paint dries. also sprayed in quick movements to avoid the bubbles and the "chemical soup" is too

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