Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brain Tumor More Condition_symptoms Is The Brain Tumor More Likely To Have Developed From Nerve Tissue Or From Neuroglia? Why?

Is the brain tumor more likely to have developed from nerve tissue or from neuroglia? Why? - brain tumor more condition_symptoms

A brain tumor is located in a CT scan was the head of Mr. Childs to. The doctor assumes that it has a secondary tumor (ie not spread to other parts of the body) as a diagnostic study showed signs of cancer elsewhere in the whole body of Mr. Childs. Brain tumor is more likely have developed nerve tissue or neuroglia? Why?

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jr95667 said...

Neuraglia is the definition of "pain or pain along the route or the distribution of a peripheral or cranial nerves occurs, and they tend to believe that brain nerve tissue itself does not neuraglia developed.

I think they know is the tumor malignant, and if so, is regarded as "in situ", ie the tumor is not left in their original location and has them) outside (epithelial wall. Depending on the location of the tumor, which could be good news. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in May and treat or even eliminate (region).

Mr. Childs I wish you much luck!

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