Sunday, November 8, 2009

Direct Receivers It Can Be More Useful Sending Back Direct Tv Receivers - Lost Remotes. How Much Will They Charge?

Sending back direct tv receivers - lost remotes. How much will they charge? - direct receivers it can be more useful

Recently, we have directly to FiOS TV, Verizon, updated, and now they want us to send the 4-receivers and remotes. The problem is that it has lost 2 of the remote and asked how much they will charge us for this. We have direct TV basic .. not in HD or something like that .. Thank you.

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ronald h said...

Probably not charge anything. Moreover, the only way, whether they paid the return postage, or you can come pick you up. Frankly, we have good and says nothing about the Direct TV receiver. I keep them for about six months, and then on the business or goodwill bin, which quickly them.r donated

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