Friday, December 11, 2009

Frolic Travel Trailer 1986 Avalon Frolic 32' Travel Trailer Weight?

1986 Avalon Frolic 32' Travel Trailer Weight? - frolic travel trailer

Ok. again .. this truck I had someone to watch and see if she could find a sticker on their weight. He said he saw it everywhere (Cabnet, language, and all around them). I picked it up b4 now I need this information is not known. Does anyone have the mark or even a truck model? I was looking for on the Internet, and I can not even the manufacturer's website or nothing. may be out of business or something, but there must be something.

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Dave said...

The Google search that I asked the question, when the first shot below. lol. If you are just as hard to see the thing, you can stop in a truck that has the scale. This is at least the weight of the trailer. You can click on the tongue weight to calculate it.

Update, did a search, as amended, and the Avalon is no longer produced, the production in 1988, it seems, you were right ...

I like challenges, NADA Guides, and have found some deals for Avalon. and low and behold, a list of weight! It tries to show 5150 pounds. the weight for the 32 flavors. You can enter to visit him and see if everything fits, what you have.

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