Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heart Palpitations With Kidney Failure Are Swelling Of The Tongue And Muscle Cramps Signs Of Kidney Failure?

Are swelling of the tongue and muscle cramps signs of kidney failure? - heart palpitations with kidney failure

Now I ask, because I know that I acute renal failure and chronic kidney disease. I consulted my doctor, but unfortunately I am temporarily without health insurance. My kidney function was 28% in August, I am 23 years old, normally one of the happiest people you meet and DP's, always with a smile, and they have gone out recently from the fact that it was not me. Have used this all the symptoms I have are to:
Swollen ankles
High Blood Pressure
Severe back pain
Foamy urine
Shortness of breath
Heart (do not know if it's related to the error)

Here are my new symptom:

Swollen Tongue
Cramps and joint pain
Swollen Knee
They have bad taste in my mouth
Frequent urination
Serious lack of concentration

They can not even symptoms, but I'm curious what you find for me. I appreciate the time to read and expect to severeAnswers that can help. I hope that my role has not fallen even lower now ...

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