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Hypoglycemic Symptoms More Condition_symptoms *please Answer* I Am Experiencing Hypoglycemic Symptoms. Do I Have Hypoglycemia Or Is It All In My Head?

*please answer* I am experiencing hypoglycemic symptoms. Do I have hypoglycemia or is it all in my head? - hypoglycemic symptoms more condition_symptoms

For a moment, I am hungry between meals, not to the point of focus in the position himself. I have a headache vary, which in its intensity, and I feel weak. Do I have hypoglycemia?
Is this anemia? * My mother has anemia by iron deficiency

I do not think until I am better informed, if you really am because I do not want to sound like a hypochondriac.


TriAthle... said...

Yes, of course, the best thing we can do, get a doctor, but I'm willing to give my opinion, unprofessional (although I am a Med student at the preparatory year, which dealt with most of my life hypoglycemia). During these periods, hungry and weak, you feel dizzy or feel "brain fog? The problem usually occurs after eating something high in sugar or startch? Alcohol caffiene or amplify the problem? If your answer is to think a" yes ", then I have it is very likely. One can not say to do a positive impact on the symptoms that hunger and weakness. Even if I were moments in time where I was so weak, was everything I wanted to lay around and I'm competitive distance runner, so it is not good!

I find it interesting that his mother has iron deficiency anemia. I know that people with gluten intolerance develop iron-deficiency anemia, and hypoglycemia can at us (though not very common). Perhaps an intolerance to gluten, and it is genetic? ButHat is a wide band that knows very little about one of their symptoms, and all yours! Usually Hypoglycaemia doeasn't appear in their own, there is usually an underlying cause. For me it is celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten. For all those who are allergic to food, perhaps, a disorder of the thyroid or adrenal gland, or many other possibilities. Although the amount of sugar and processed foods out there today does not surprise me if people can buy without a fundamental condition.

It is important that you realize that food is no different than a diabetic, exactly the same. The attempt to correct the hypoglycemia, to make a lot of sugar is not, as we assume the case (but if you fel like you're losing is fixed) is the best. The body is hypoglycemia, because it reacts with the sugar in the digestive system waaaay too much insulin pump. To properly treat hypoglycemia is necessary to regulate the amount of sugar to startches simple digestivve Enter your tube at any given time. So you should eat 4-6small meals per day and the consumption of fats and carbohydrates Protien should rise and fall. Tip: Cereal Carbohydrates, though I finally do feel worse, because there are many gluten whole grains, and it turns out that I'm intolerant to gluten. There is no other choice than to change their diet (both diseases as mentioned above) So the best thing you can do to control hypoglycemia is to change your diet and see how it feels. Chances are, if you should be able to say hypoglycemia. Just pop sugary drink with caffiene in it, and if their failure blood sugar a few hours (really sick), then I'm willing to bet they are hypoglycaemic. I can not do that an hour later. Like I said, a doctor is the best person for advice (even if it took 2 doctors to diagnose hypoglycemia and a little more, until my celiac disease, found, so that doctors are not perfect).
I hope you get it worked! Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Both are a possibility, the best thing that could be done to seek medical advice

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