Monday, January 18, 2010

Bulging Disk In Lower Back How Can I Get Rid Of Pain Associated With A Bulging Disk In My Lower Back?

How can I get rid of pain associated with a bulging disk in my lower back? - bulging disk in lower back

You can try these exercises back pain.


tessy said...

I have this problem. I had two albums out. relucctant so they work again. You can count, I found that painkillers now donate now help many more. much heat, if you badly. But not in all honesty, it will be much help. Find reference orthoepaedic and stress that you need something to help. if you can, then ask t be forwarded to a pain clinic. Good luck

~Cat~ said...

Hello fellow sufferers I sympathize with enthusiasm. I had years of physio, was created as pills that were out of fashion, and still each day spent in agony. However, a trip went to my doctor my mother to a series of exercises, "The McKenzie Method and the Book of doctors, called" Treat Your Own Back "by Dr. Robin A. Martinez. I offer these exercises for three months and my medication was gone, and most of my back pain. Niggli or occasional stiffness, but that's all. I was told she would need surgery in the next 18 months, but now is closer to 5 years. Go for it -- will change your life, I swear.

monica c said...

I had a swollen disc and went to the Dominican Republic. They gave me pills, pain killers, which helped me to sleep, but that was all. I went to a chiropractor and he told me that the ice is. 15 minutes. 15 off for a few hours and that helped me a lot

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