Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Produce Electro How Can You Work Out The Current Produced During Electro Magnetic Induction?

How can you work out the current produced during electro magnetic induction? - how to produce electro

I know that you can be the electromagnetic induction GEF N * (df / dt), but is there a way to develop it calculated?


v_arbab said...

If you use the EMF, E = N * (df / dt), voltage, by) the current through the R (resistance connecting the two ends with the EMF, see won.

R: resistance.
E: EMF = N * (df / dt)
i: current = E / R = (N / R) * (df / dt)

TomBags2... said...

You need the chemical formula and the process take for the conversion of the electrical outlet into an electromagnet, which can be converted in the atmosphere

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