Monday, January 11, 2010

Shock Treatment For Depression ??????????Shock Treatment???????

??????????Shock Treatment??????? - shock treatment for depression

Firstly, sorry for all the question marks in my question, but I must be 20 characters long. Anywho I gotta question. In Shock Treatment Franky (also known as Dr. Furter Fank is known) in it? What is it? You think I like it? I loved Rocky Horror Picture Show (I've seen wayyy too many times.) I was fourteen years old. Which of these characters? I know that it will be Brad and Janet, played by several people why? Can you tell me all the facts and not desirable from the film? Thank you, it is very much appreciated ... Oh, and you think back to the film? Rocky Horror Picture Show, I mean. Do you really? Thank you for taking the time to reply ^ ^ w

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