Friday, January 15, 2010

Wooden Cabins How Does It Feel To Be From Minnesota?

How does it feel to be from Minnesota? - wooden cabins

Is not it relaxing summer, all the way to pastures, almost all the lakes to see the border? And thousands and thousands of them?

and fishing boats and houses and wooden huts, and open-air dining. Is not it just go through the soul of Minnesota? And chocolate and wild rice? And the Burger cheddar cheese Heat? And kayaks and canoes?

Is it not something that is often overlooked in this great North Star State?

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Dorobo said...

I think Minnesota has a unique culture. I lived in Minnesota for several years and found that there is a real connection with nature.

Everyone seems connected with lakes and rivers. There are also wild rice, Zander, Lefse, hotdish, and then there are the lakes, the Mississippi River, North Shore, and so on.

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