Sunday, January 10, 2010

Droid Charger How Good Are These Games??for Christmas?

How good are these games??for christmas? - droid charger

Motorola DROID $ 199.99
Nintendo Wi $ 199.99
Super Mario Bros $ 49.99
Wii enegizer Charger $ 19.99
Wii Remote / Motion Plus Bundle Black € 54.99
Wii Nunchuk Controller Black € 19.99
Wii Motion Plus $ 24.99
= 609.82 with taxes
If you do not know what some of those things about EM UP WANTED GAMESTOP.COM

I saved $ 200. gettin in another $ 400 from my family for Christmas.
I really hope that some prices at Christmas, it is less so is $ 9.82 Knok
and already have an Xbox 360, PSP, DS
Do not tell me about the Wii because the shit. DONT, because my friend has one, and I think it's fun. Call of Duty 3 or something funny.

thinking, in particular, is that good?

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