Saturday, February 20, 2010

Causes Of Broken Capillaries In Babies How Do You Shake A Baby Hard Enough To Cause Brain Injuries Without Breaking It's Neck?

How do you shake a baby hard enough to cause brain injuries without breaking it's neck? - causes of broken capillaries in babies

The last years of my life was rocked dedicated to searching for information, baby, and I realized that nothing started more than a theory to explain, why the babies died, with no outward signs of abuse. Now it is the science not supporting him because they are the kind of earthquake that is needed to head trauma and bleeding may decide, neck and back would know first damage. Vaccines can be linked to bleeding, swelling of the brain, bruises, burns, similar to wounds, fractures and other signs of SBS. How? - Down the drain all the reserves of vitamin C and increased levels of histamine in the blood. Both conditions lead to capillary fragility, bone disease and bleeding throughout the body including broken bones and bruises external signals. These symptoms are included in the priceuded in endotoxemia accelerated infantile scurvy. Pregnancy - Smoking, junk food, sugar, coffee, followed by vaccines at birth can be fatal to feed his bottle. See John Laverty baby Casey truthquest2 information dotcom


Magic 8 Ball: The Witch is In said...

Shaking can kill a baby without breaking your neck. By type of fight in the brain to the head.

I hope I do not seek permission to do so, and we expect more to people who kill, to help babies by shaking them sentenced to. In both cases it is morbid.

freed1on... said...

Nothing more than a theory?

Here's an idea. Get your own life than the wrist. Ask a high school used to preventitve their programs.
Shake baby and see what happens ...

The probability that the other symptoms that you mentioned is that the brain is separated from the mother's neck, very unlikely.
Everyone knows the dangers extracaricular activities associated with pregnancy are connected.
Perhaps you should study a little more

jon J said...

no doubt the fear posted here.

requires the isolation of the mind that something that the real question is what is moving and that would be enough to cause brain damage could, without injury to the neck guaranteed.

But damn .. Why ?????

TeddyFre... said...

If the people here respond to this message as a response absurd was the place to read about and check the website mentioned that he would have received on this point - that science has recently discovered that it is possible for someone to shake a baby showed enough to shaken baby injury without serious damage connected to the neck and back first. So what does this mean? Perhaps most of these cases were caused by the earthquake, but has by something else, and there are enough compelling information from the leading scientists on what causes them done. If so, there are many innocent people in prison, and thousands of innocent people who are not yet functioning, and take advantage of certain dangerous practices that may be to blame. Help WHsponsored what do people actually read anything outside of the pharmaceutical industry literature rather than blasting May that the opinions have no basis in fact or science.

As "the brain, separated from the neck of the mother" as a poster, which will shake as a signal in the case of Baby, I can see, are proposed. They appear as anything other component or confusing on the fly. "

I miss Thailand!!!! said...

Wow, I felt a little taken by this, questions, lol ... Road do not know, you want to know, but okayyyyy

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