Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toy Boat Designs Without Motor I Need To Build A Small Wooden Toy Boat That Will Float.?

I need to build a Small wooden toy boat that will float.? - toy boat designs without motor

It can not be a square or rectangular background
with a wood 30cm by 30cm (12 inches x 12 inches)
and support needed to float a bit of weight

Looking for ideas for designs or sites that can help you!


Anonymous said...

The timber fleet. No matter how it is. It can even be the weight ... much weight.

Anonymous said...

Halve wood, take 1 down and about 1 / 3 under a little later, from a candle to a point at the end.
Cut another 1 / 2 3equal in long strips.
One for each side and 3 to reduce the time, back in the boat.
Glue with wood glue and silicone seals.
You can also have enough money to tape to a small space.

It has a ball

Anonymous said...

This is a good place in the modeling ...

large sheets of drawings, which are constructed as models


If we take care of us wants to look, can be found that the sides of the star, and the bottom of these boats, you can print the design project, and it extends through a copy machine to your size restrictions.

a large amount of information on this site.

Hope this helps

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