Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chip Routs Mini Cooper S Nitrous, What Can It Handle? Any Pictures Of Set Ups?

Mini cooper s nitrous, what can it handle? any pictures of set ups? - chip routs

I have a Mini Cooper S, 2002, with about 40k miles on it, I'm in the Navy not Drienerlo for 6 months or more per year, if I'm going baby.

But I have a brother F-ing bored of every time I come home with HSI 350z with basic mods, exhaust, chip, is to compete recording this thing a little.

Of course, it seems to me, I think, because if word Rairo mayve, 4 or 5 times a year, I can steal a beautiful photo of the nitrogen that real people or not speak in the position to remain Mini Engie.

I have already admitted, exhaust, chip roll on the charger, air-level routing of the intercooler, I is not installed, however, a spray kit, nitrogen specific to the exchange, I thoughtg. simply with a dash of 50 or more nitrogen, so that I can laugh ateveryone laughed at me: D This is a feature rarely used, but I can not imagine that, during use.

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gromit80... said...

Do not drag it to a race. Do not play by the rules. Go autocrossing.

If someone with a Cooper S JCW, said: "Why do you want a car 14 seconds?" I said: "None of my quarter of a mile, straight.

Little Minis NO2, and could be seen here:

They have almost the motor NO2 do not blow reinstall things.

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