Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Number 12 Alabama Helmet Why Does The Alabama Football Team Use The Number 12 Helmet As Their Logo?

Why does the Alabama football team use the number 12 helmet as their logo? - number 12 alabama helmet

For example, if you were "football helmet of Alabama" in Google Images, Hull No. 12 introduced in about 90% of the images. Is it because Joe Namath had 12 in Alabama?
(I do not ask why they numbers on their helmets, I understand that is why the 12 most commonly used?)


Kate Gosselin said...

You still think there are many players.

B_Wells said...

I suggest that an Alabama town with the number 12, which is the logo of Alabama. However, if you paint the hull Alabama, why do not you need a number 12? Joe Willie is the best known players in Alabama.

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