Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Images Of Waxing Shapes Help! Uneven Eyebrow Advice!?

Help! Uneven eyebrow advice!? - images of waxing shapes

Ok, so I found recently that my left eyebrow a bit different to my right. It is not so extreme, and I'm not too worried about him, I would imagine if I could.

If you do this: http://www.mcnintl.com/images/BrowStenci ...

My left eye looks like "8819-7" (the second in the last round) and my right of "8819-10" (on the left bottom row) and 8819-12 (bottom row, right)

So today, I could understand trying to find them for half an hour, as the repair and I can not understand where I must go. I like my left hand a little better, but I would not really make sense, as they were not yet available. So any advice where I could get through the applicationreciated.

The hair is quite long, dark blond, but is a overplucking thin, small, not just some hair very very blond and light are not shown.

Note: I have absoulutely no intention of going to a professional to get a wax or wax at all.


Lily said...

His left hand has a nice shape. I love this way. Yes ... In 8819-10, or 11, while the child is an enormous difference. It is 2-times thicker and flatter. I do not know. But if it is closer to 8819-12, so they are perfect. No need to touch again. When it comes to 10 or 11, I propose first thin is usually in the background. Then in the middle a little, making it bend to it. Shallow and short eyebrows are disgusting, in my opinion. It kills the whole look. Otherwise, his left eyebrow is really beautiful! :)

Destinie S said...

My advice would be to pay me $ 15 and they have done professionally.

I hope that helped =]

cinder said...

You see exactly how it is possible to use a makeup pencil to fill in the desired range. Another possibility is (take a hard piece of plastic as a portable separators are made) a small square cut his eyebrows and then draw a shape that you cut as on the pitch then with cuticle scissors, eyebrow, such as plastic to produce your eyebrows with a pencil in what you really want your eyebrows look like mark and then the extra hair will start and finish the rest when needed.

Funky Flamingo said...

Well, my mother was a beautician, and she always said that the golden rule directly to your bow to the students, their eyes have improved. If you take a pen and a reporter of the nose to the eyebrows, when it should begin to gather, then set the pen to the students to see whether the statement should be. In addition, you have never considered obtaining a cosmetic pencil? This will contribute to the eyebrows darker and they look older, not so thin, not too 'hairy'. Even if you do not have any eyebrows - no boot. This would give them thinner eyebrows. Use scissors to cut just a little, and the ends so that it is a little shorter.

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