Friday, February 12, 2010

Diamondback Bmx Stickers Where Can I Find Diamondback Stickers Like On The Side And The Front For My Bmx Bike???

Where can i find diamondback stickers like on the side and the front for my bmx bike??? - diamondback bmx stickers

I have a BMX sticker diamond and broke my left, I wonder where I found a different pair of front and stickers for my bike found


bikework... said...

I'm trying to understand how it is for diamond sticker under the color be done transparently.

In general, most companies do not sell replacement, because too many do, and put their stickers on bikes and they tried to sell someone depart buildings such as the bicycle. There are places that sell the stickers, but they are not identical with the bike home.

So if you want the original sticker, I'm afraid you're probably out of luck, but if you just want Diamondback stickers that say, well, look at ebay or places to find them.

Misfire said...

The Bike Shop.

(Diamonds? Lol)

hummerhe... said...

Vlad --- check the Web site eBay ( --- ---- Sporting click if you 'BMX tracks "--- or all BMX. Its very likely that you are a distributor of Diamondback BMX stickers is just (have some "BUY IT NOW are" day be so quick to offer instead of days!) Diamondback ROCKS!

McG said...

Is that a real diamond bike? It is highly unlikely that the labels as you said. This is shown below, all paint, if one of my mistakes.

Mike C said...

Search on eBay

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