Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do You Need To Wash Pillow Or Just Pillow Cases If Yu Have Lice How Long Should I Wait For My Proactiv To Work?

How long should I wait for my Proactiv to work? - do you need to wash pillow or just pillow cases if yu have lice

I bought Proactiv treatment about a month and a half and I have not seen any results. I bought my e-mail and the clerk told him, you have two weeks because the skin makes or deteriorate before the proactive improvement. And since I had oily skin that I try to treat oil-free and on. So I use:

Care Renewal
Revitalizing Toner
Repairing Lotion
Oil-Free Moisture with SPF
Press Oil Control

But I think I mixed the last two. I do not know if you feel one with SPF as in step 4, or control of oil to be used as the 4th (That's what I did)

So I think, just go back and get my $ 60 (yes, everything is $ 60!). SHI ould do it, or wait a week or 2 more?

And) I note that I wash my makeup remover with a cloth (which the Clean and clear brand leadership, I wash my pillow cases every week on time, with a clean sponge to use my foundation every 3 The oil and Make-up-free use (Cover Girl). The only thing is I do not really drink much water () bad habit, but I'm starting to do now, because I just discovered that if you drink a lot, it is' good for the skin.

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