Friday, February 5, 2010

Smallest Tripod What Is The Best Cheapest Small Tripod For A Canon G9? Or Can I Just Buy Any Old One?

What is the best cheapest small tripod for a Canon G9? or can I just buy any old one? - smallest tripod

The former is a good idea.

You can find the proper use of a stable tripod or cost the same as a small price down a bit. Look on craigslist in a city near you.

Look for Manfrotto, Slick, Bogan, Gitzo, Tilt-all, like the Majestic and the


V2K1 said...

I assume you mean the table.

Optex is very beautiful light that fits in a pocket and is very robust.

Check them out to save the camera.

And yes, they are universal fit.


fat duncan said...

Yes, you can buy old (or new) book.
The thread on the initial installation of the camera is universal.

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