Thursday, February 18, 2010

Setting Up Sony Dvp-sr200p How To Set Up Sony DVD Player?

How to set up Sony DVD player? - setting up sony dvp-sr200p

I have a Sony DVP-SR200P DVD player, and although the location of the audio / video plug into the spaces in the drive, DVD and TV customers, I have no audio or video.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I do not know what part is when they say, audio / video, but I assume you mean the yellow / red / white audio connectors.

If that's true, you get nothing from the DVD, because these records are entered. So it was connected to the input record, as the production of DVD to TV input.

Solution: Use a SCART cable.

Anonymous said...

1. Positioning DVD
If you choose a location for your DVD player, you should note the following:
- The proximity to an electrical outlet in your home theater composition and other
- Sufficient space for proper ventilation and to prevent damage
- Space for the storage of cable
Before installing using the DVD-ROM drive, make sure that TV and all other components are turned off of home theater.

2. Connect the AV cable
With the AV cable in the hand have panel audio / video in DVD player. Insert the yellow plug into the socket of the video output, so that the red audio output on the right side, Jack White in the audio output on the left side. Look for the audio-visual input on your TV and connect the cables as follows: Insert the yellow plug on the video in jack, the red plug into the proper audio jack, the white cap on the input jack on the left side.

If you are an S-video, connect on the yellow (video) Plug-and-go to step 3. Otherwise, continue with step 4.

3. Connect the S-video cable (optional)
With S-video cable in hand, looking for the S-VIDEO OUT of the DVD player and connect one end of the S-video cable for. Locate the S-VIDEO IN on the TV and plug the other end with it.

The technology S-video can greatly improve the image of the television broadcast using a digital source like a DVD player or satellite receiver.

4. Connecting the power cord
With the power cord into the hand, lookan electrical outlet and connect the cables.

5. Test your DVD player
Turn off the DVD player and TV. Insert a DVD and press the TV / VIDEO on the TV remote control (may be labeled Input, AUX, or online, see, depending on TV) to the DVD.

sually'm use a few forums about DVDs, like: ...
to solve problems with the DVD.

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